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  • How much for one of your 'gregoire' hand built OM acoustic?
    Current price is $2,850.00 if you want my unique OM styled guitar ( they are a little oversized; can you say "O-M-J !!") with a real nice looking back and sides (I love rosewood and walnut). For this price you get a spalted maple rosette, a deluxe (I picked it myself) spruce top, custom neck (you get to help with the profile). The sound will always be outstanding and the guitar will have true musician playability. ​ Extras are priced individually through negotiation with me - pickups will be at cost plus shop labour, fancy cut-aways and binding - all figured out at the time of order. I may take a little extra time and discuss some of what you think you want, and help you with that, all in the name of practicality. Sound always comes first - its a musical instrument.
  • How long will it take to make an acoustic for me?
    When I have no other oders, I can complete your guitar in 3-4 months from the date I get a deposit. I build one guitar at a time. We will agree on the basics of the guitar size and body shape (cut-away?) the wood that is the back and sides and the extras that you want. As the build goes along, I will confirm neck shape and fingerboard wood, as well as little trim detail, after I get a second deposit. ​ And ..... I will always take time to ensure quality sound comes first.
  • What about pricing on them 'special guitars' or 'sg' model electrics then?
    Those special guitars are currently priced at $1,750. You get to pick pickups from an agreed source, or a local builder (I have two sets left, they're very nice). You can work with me for finish colour and gloss (I have one candy-apple red burst over maple on the top) the pick-guard style (look on line - you'll know when you see them) and neck shape ("C", "D", "Rounded C"). I have four in stock. Two of them have quilted maple tops and one is finished in candy-apple red burst​.
  • How much for those Stratocaster style guitars?
    Prices for these vary with the (re) build that you want. When you buy one of these, you will get stuff like a bespoke spalted maple pickguard and maybe a personalized neck profile, very nice pickups, finish type - gloss or matte, and perhaps we can discuss all the other small details. Call to find out what I have ready to (re) build. I will walk you through your order and help you make this an easy process.​ Contact me
  • What is your shop rate for general repairs?
    I can work by the hour if you want to. We will come to an understanding about what I am going to do, and how many hours stuff will take for me to complete, long before I pick up any shovels, files, chisels or pencils. Close to $50 per hour is a good round ball-park number for guitar repairs. For cutting boards and key-chain holders, it is much higher.
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